" Voice Overs That Deliver The Punch "

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Welcome to my official website. Here you will find information about myself, my career, latest projects, and learn so much more about my recent work. I appreciate your interest and involvement in my professional endeavors, and invite you to explore my site for more.

V O I C E    O V E R    S E R V I C E S


This collage of my nephews involved in the sport of pugilism is the catalyst for why I have embraced my slogan “Voice Overs that deliver the Punch!” These young men understood what was required of their lives and what it would take to be at the top of the game. Much rigorous training and counseling from their dad and mom resulted in producing an Olympian, representing the U.S. Virgin Islands and winning various boxing titles. The most notable titles given are the "Golden Gloves" and current "IBC Middleweight Championship". It was only fitting that I give them the acknowledgement that they richly deserved.


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